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Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Understanding what irritable bowel syndrome is, where in the bowel it occurs, common symptoms and suggestions of how to start healing and restoring bowel health.
Limitless Energy
Learn what drains your energy take immediate steps to restore it everyday.
Parasite Symptoms, Information and Causes
Examining the possible causes, symptoms and effects of parasitic infections. Beneficial herbs and methods of prevention and healing.
The Ins and Outs of Constipation
How to define if you have constipation, possible causes and steps to prevent and relieve constipation.
Alternative Preparation for Colonoscopy
Instruction and timeline on how to prepare ahead for a colonoscopy including exactly what to eat and when.

James P. Carter, MD., DrPH., MS.

Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent detoxifier for the over indulgence of alcohol drinking and drug addictions of all kinds. Residues of drugs and other agents in the tissues are eliminated with colon hydrotherapy. It takes away any desire to use drugs or imbibe in alcoholic beverages...

Side effects of a poor functioning colon

The skin becomes sallow, wrinkled and unhealthy. The digestive organs are overworked and bloated. The lungs become congested and breath has a foul odor. The heart is overworked and becomes weak. We feel and look old, our glands become tired. We lack enthusiasm and sexual desire. The whole body becomes poisoned through toxemia. We age prematurely, joints become stiff and painful, eyes ache and become dull, eyesight is poor and brain function becomes sluggish. Life is no longer a joy; one has just a "putting in your time" feeling.

Death begins within the colon.

Colon Hydro Care provides colonic irrigation services in Toronto and Burlington, Ontario in a professional, safe and serene spa-like environment. We pride ourselves on providing the best services and atmosphere. Once you have experienced our services you will never look back. You will be provided with everything you need to let go and detoxify, with dignity, for a more vital life!

Life also begins within the colon.

Hydrotherapy Facts

Digestive system. Peak health, fitness and well being demand more than good nutrition and an active lifestyle. As Canadians we need to be proactive and diligent with regular internal colon cleansing as a result of our food processing and dietary practices. Read more.