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Colon Hydrotherapy

Digestive & Therapeutic Wellness CentreWe specialize in Colon Hydrotherapy using a state of the art, CMDCAS Health Canada Approved "open" colon hydrotherapy device called The Angel of Water.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have been certified to perform colon hydrotherapy from C.N.H.H.C., a Canadian based clinical and educational institute specializing in the study and practice of colon therapy for over 18 years. Certificates of qualifications are displayed at the clinic.

We maintain the highest standard of hygiene and safety which includes the use of disposable nozzles and materials and adhering to strict sanitizing protocol.

Colon Hydro Care provides colonic irrigation services in Hamilton, Ontario in a professional, safe and serene spa-like environment. We pride ourselves on providing the best services and atmosphere. Once you have experienced our services you will never look back. You will be provided with everything you need to let go and detoxify, with dignity, for a more vital life!

How many times have you visited a doctor`s office complaining that something is not right with you, only to be told that the tests reveal there`s nothing wrong....all the while, knowing that its not simply mind over matter and that there has to be a tangible reason why you feel so lousy and weak?


There are Two Booking Options:

  1. Half hour consultation: Free
  2. Your first session, will be approximately 1hour 30 minutes long. It includes 45 minutes..of colonic cleansing time, 45 minutes for consultation before the colonic, and preparation before and after your session followed by a nutritional consultation. Follow up sessions will be approximately 1 hour in duration including cleansing time and preparation time before and after your session.

A number of our clients have long been aware of the benefits of colonic irrigation. Often through first hand experience where they had to travel to the United States for the procedure. Finding a clinic locally had been difficult, until now.

Digestive & Therapeutic Wellness CentreMany of our clients had originally experienced the older, more traditional process called a closed colonic system.

This involved a therapist inserting a (one to 3/4 inch diameter x 4 inch long) proctoscope into the client's anus and supporting the unit with their hand during the entire 35 minute session so the probe would not slip out and spill the fecal matter. This is an effective process but lacked some dignity for the client.

When clients learned of our process using the state of the art open system, they would call and book a colonic session without hesitation. This is one option by which to obtain the benefits of our colonic procedure.

The second option occurs where a client, without previous knowledge or experience of colon irrigation, learns of our services and chooses to book a free half hour consultation to check out our system.

This option allows the client to visit our clinic and walk through and inspect the facilities before committing to purchasing a colonic session. A colonic is not performed at this time.

Because of the high demand for colonic sessions, the consultation must be booked in advance to reserve the room to show the equipment and procedure.


Confidential Intake Form

You are required to complete one form and either fax or email the document to us for review. Or, you may fill-out the form at the clinic when you attend for your appointment. There are only a few but specific conditions that prevent you from having a colonic. All appointments must be booked in advance.

formConfidential Intake Form

Please also review the Pre and Post Colonic Recommendations.

formPre and Post Colonic Recommendations

Ph: 905-540-1405


Cancellation Policy

We request 24 hours notice for all cancellations.





Before Your Colonic Session:

  • We recommend that no food be consumed 2 hours before your colonic treatment. Plenty of water and raw vegetable juices are great for hydrating and softening fecal matter.
  • You will remain in the reclined position for about 5 minutes to allow any water or matter to drain out.
  • If possible, avoid processed food, breads, alcohol, caffeine and refined sugars for 2 hours leading up to your colonic treatment.
  • If you like, you may bring a favorite cd, ipod or book to enhance your experience. An AM/FM, cd player and scented candles are provided for your pleasure.
  • Then arise from the device clean and dry.
  • You get dressed and wash up with the sink in your room.
  • We discuss your experience...and offer advice.


Greetings & Presentation of System

  1. We show you to your private room.
  2. Explain the reclining chair experience.
  3. Show the systems' features:
      • 8-gallon tank, path of water & flow rate of 1 p.s.i. carbon & UV filters.
      • Issue sealed sterile nozzle.
      • Instructions before session begins


We Explain How:

  • You alone will painlessly insert the lubricated nozzle in private.
  • We will leave the room for you to disrobe and remove your lower garments only.
  • How to recline on the unit with legs straddling basin tower.
  • You will drape yourself modestly with blanket.
  • You will call us with 2-way remote radio to activate water flow.




Session Begins

The water will gently flow in and build up with minimal pressure as it enters your colon until the point of you feeling full. The feeling is exactly like when you have "to go for a bowel movement right away with no time to lose." You will have the natural urge to release and the fecal matter and the water that entered will "swoosh" down your rectum, around the pencil size nozzle, out your anus and down into the basin drain below.

With no mess or fuss. No need to move around. If you need to urinate at the same time - you can - just as when you sit on the toilet, except you are in a relaxed reclined position. Both feet up and apart and as one client put it:

"I felt like I was on my Harley Chopper, flying down the highway..."

When the excavated matter goes down the drain it passes through a clear viewing tube before disappearing into the clinics' plumbing system. An angled mirror allows you to see everything leaving your colon.

This can be quite a show - but you have the best seat in the house!

We had a client who reported seeing a penny she ingested about 20 years previous!

The process is odorless and painless. The filling and releasing of water, mucus and feces will repeat itself many times over the 45 minute session. During this time, approximately 8 to 16 gallons of purified water is irrigated through your colon which via the portal vein hydrates your other organs such as the liver, kidneys, etc.

You will experience the equivalent of approximately 40 to 50 bowel flushes in the one session.

End of Session

  • You remove the rectal nozzle.
  • You will remain in the reclined position for about 5 minutes to allow any water or matter to drain out.
  • You will then rinse your bottom with the personal sprayer
  • Dry off with paper towels.
  • Then arise from the device clean and dry.
  • You get dressed and wash up with the sink in your room.
  • We discuss your experience...and offer advice.


After Your Treatment

We will provide you with a complimentary probiotic capsule to re-establish the good bacteria in your colon.

When you leave, our staff removes all materials; nozzle, blanket, paper towels... etc. from the room.

We then follow a strict Post Disinfecting Cleaning Routine on all equipment and surfaces to make new.

Most people experience a feeling of lightness and increased energy after their treatment. Remember to continue drinking lots of water and continue with your usual exercise routine. We ask that you refrain from consuming any alcohol or red meat for 6 hours after your colonic treatment just to avoid gas.

You can go back to work or whatever you do for fun after having a bowel movement.


Peak health, fitness and well being demand more than good nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Holistic cleansing and detoxification can help you achieve:

  • Improved digestive function 
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Glowing skin and clear eyes
  • Easier weight management
  • Positive and relaxed mental state
  • Improved blood circulation and more...

Cleansing adds years to your life and life to your years!